The Hotel Goldener Löwe was my accommodation in Kufstein both on the outward journey and on the return journey

Austria/Germany: Short-time Criminal

That would have been a stupid end to a trip that I would even call a vacation. Although I rarely do that and I also worked physically for two weeks. But on one of the last days I lay in bed in the evening and thought: "like vacation".

This morning I had the idea to get the motorcycle out of the underground car park where I had parked it two weeks ago and to drive to the hotel to load it.

I couldn't bring myself to take my helmet with me just because I had to ride around the corner. As soon as I made that decision, I knew it was a stupid idea. When I rode the motorcycle out of the parking garage, inside which I had previously circled several times, I had completely lost my bearings. Back on the surface of the earth, I no longer knew in which direction the hotel was. So, I drove back and forth through the old town of Kufstein in shorts, a T-shirt and without a helmet in search of a point of orientation. It wasn't until I used Google navigation on my phone that I found my way back to the right path. Shortly after I parked the motorcycle in front of the hotel, a police patrol came around the corner. If we had met, it would have cost me something.

Never the same route twice

So, I left with full cash and now with a helmet on my way home. I try to never drive the same route twice. I can see where I've already ridden using a map on which I enter all the GPS tracks of the routes I've already covered. To do this, I select the route preference “Shortest route” on the navigation device. The device guides me towards my destination along a mostly direct line. Surprisingly, I even covered the first stretch to Munich on the autobahn. That saved time, which I lost again in Munich, because there was a large area closed due to a bicycle race, so I strayed through the city for half an hour, but at least got to see the Isartor and the Deutsches Museum up close. It was only when I asked a policewoman at the barrier that I was shown a way out of the labyrinth. My Garmin navigation device was not able to recalculate the route as quickly as I was again in front of the next roadblock and the Google navigation running at the same time also knew nothing about the bike race.

When I had regained my freedom, my path led me through Swabia, past Augsburg and later Rothenburg ob der Tauber. I rode through the center of Würzburg through the vastness of Lower Franconia and finally through the wooded Spessart and was home so early that I was able to go out with my friends in Frankfurt in the evening.

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