Halftime in Ysselsteyn

Although it had rained heavily all night, a blue sky was visible through the morning fog. The opportunity was good and so I used the time between breakfast and the start of work to take some photos at the military cemetery. Morning sun shining through the fog always works well.

Then Rudi and I continued cleaning the remaining gutters of the youth meeting center building. On the storage buildings, which apparently belong to the oldest, the gutters were particularly desolate. In the case of the last one, we didn't even clean it at all, because it had so many holes that even if the gutter was clean, the water would no longer have reached the downpipe, but would have flowed out through the holes beforehand.
After we had completed this work and the weather seemed to stay dry, we started grouting the entrance wall of the war cemetery again. By noon we had repointed the largest holes. Then I quarreled for a moment with how useful it was to also smear the many holes that were less than one centimeter in size. But because I couldn't find a more meaningful task today, I mixed half a sack of grout again. At half past three we were done with that and the clinker brick wall at the front of the military cemetery was much nicer than before.

Because this work assignment for the Volksbund War Graves Commission is only scheduled for a week, it's already halfway through today.

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