Queensize bed in Circular House Capsule Hotel

Singapore - Day without Daylight

Today I have to move in my capsule hotel. From one honeycomb to the other, because a booking in the same "room" was not possible for my stay extension. Now I even have a queen-size bed and a bit more space. But I want to get out of here as soon as possible. Today and overall. These capsule hotels are convenient and tailored to your needs for two or three night stays. But it's been a week for me now and I'm clawing my hooves to finally get back on the road.

Today my plan was to sit down with my laptop and a McDonalds coffee at a table in the café that was closed for the Chinese New Year. Baer their seating areas were cordoned off today and security was patrolling. So I sat down on a bench outside under the canopy with my coffee in a paper cup and balanced the laptop on my legs. Mumbling under my breath, I asked myself, "What have I done that I have to work under such conditions?"
Then I jumped up and at least sat down at a table inside the fast food restaurant with another McDonalds coffee. I only had one table there, but also no reasonable working conditions. A group of Maiai girls chattered loudly and a child howled at the coffee table. In addition, I had to pee constantly because of the two coffees. At half past one I went downstairs and treated myself to another bowl of gyudon (journey with beef strips, miso soup and steamed vegetables). A silly idea to down two cups of coffee with sugar for breakfast instead of eating something decent. I won't do that again, I promise myself. It's gray outside and it's raining incessantly. The laptop battery is almost empty, as if I trudge in the rain back to my capsule hotel and move into my new room there.
A queen-size bed: That's a lot more space and you don't always sleep with your feet on your own luggage. If, on this trip or the next, I am embarrassed to spend the night in such a honeycomb, I must make sure that they also have larger beds. It's worth the extra cost if you're staying a few nights.
Since then I've been sitting in here on the bed and working. actually, the conditions are ideal. It's quiet, cool, with internet, electricity and dim lights.

Eternal light of my broken power bank
Eternal light of my broken power bank

That comes from my power bank, because it also has a lamp. This thing is an idiotic construction. Because the power bank is not just a battery, but also an LED headlight. The button for this is unprotected on the side and of course it is constantly pressed in the backpack. every time I take the battery out of my pocket, the light comes on. So the first thing I did was to disable the button with the multi-tool. I don't need the lamp, but a reliable power bank. But today, for some unknown reason, it turned itself on and has been on fire ever since. I poked around the hole where the on/off button used to be. But in vain. Now she's glowing. I have already loaded all devices with it in order to use up the saved stream in a meaningful way, but more is not possible. I have to make sure that I dispose of them harmlessly somewhere. As stupid as this power bank is designed, it will still burn down.

I'm about to go back to the Indian bistro down the street. So I prefer to take the power bank with me instead of having it lying there glowing on the mattress. Not that this hotel, which is fully booked down to the last capsule, is burning down because of the bad chew.

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