Singapore - At the Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Culture is on the agenda tonight. Real high culture, because I'll be hearing pieces by Mahler and Brahms at Singapore's Esplanade Concert Hall. I have acquaintances here in Singapore, one of whom is a professional musician and is a horn player with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Because I'm a guest in his hometown, he got me a free ticket for today's concert.

I didn't want to accept it at first, because when I exchanged views with his husband on Instagram about my trip to Singapore, I was still in Taman Negara in Malaysia – in the middle of the jungle. My hiking boots were muddy, my cargo pants were wet and dirty, and I had no idea what other clothes I had with me. I felt uncomfortable showing up in the concert hall like a forest sprite. But when I took things out of the suitcase again at the next opportunity, I encountered my sandals and my clean clothes again. So I can be seen in the Concert Hall.
My hotel on Circular Road is within easy walking distance of the concert hall and is a nice evening stroll. My friend welcomes me in the lobby. He didn't have my ticket for the concert with him. I'm supposed to connect to the Concert Hall's WiFi because he sent it to me digitally via WhatsApp. We are Singapore here. Paper concert tickets are no longer available here.
I like Brahms best, I haven't heard any music for a while, because it's often so loud around me on this journey that I enjoy the quiet when I find it.

Singapore by night
Singapore by night

After that we sit together a bit in a bar with iced tea and it feels good to be back in civilization, small talk, serious topics and laughing together. to be in company. On the contemplative walk home alone, I notice that my voice is hoarse because I haven't spoken that much at a time for a long time. I count this evening as one of the most beautiful on this trip.

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