English students and their interviewee

Indonesia - Interviewed

The fourth day on the island in Lake Toba after the third night. Routine is slowly setting in. Solid night's sleep, only to be woken up at 6:15 am by a banging and thumping like someone rearranging furniture. Because nobody does that even in Indonesia, I went out onto the balcony to have a look. It must be the boats on the shore wall, the waves lapping against their hulls.

Today I'm thinking about not going to a neighboring lakeside restaurant for breakfast. Because in the morning it's jet ski time and I don't want to listen to the droning if I can avoid it. A bit up the road is a nice family eatery where no engine noise can be heard from the water. This is where I settle down and almost finish editing my Tioman film. I'm only interrupted twice, the one time I'm responsible for myself, because I totally messed myself up with a sachet of chili sauce, the contents of which were supposed to be in my noodle soup.
Then a group of students, who they said were members of their school's English department, came to interview me. How I like it here, how I find the price level, how I rate the English skills of the residents, whether I believe that better English skills are necessary in the tourism industry and what I would change here. I answer that I like it very much here, that the price level is very good (it's very, very cheap for me), that the English skills of the residents are okay and that I believe that better English skills are very important for a tourist destination . I state that I would get rid of the jet skis because they are so noisy. My interviewer doesn't even write that down.

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