Singapore - At the Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Culture is on the agenda tonight. Real high culture, because I'll be hearing pieces by Mahler and Brahms at Singapore's Esplanade Concert Hall. I have acquaintances here in Singapore, one of whom is a professional musician and is a horn player with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Because I'm a guest in his hometown, he got me a free ticket for today's concert.

The first Chinese noodle soup of this trip at Taipei airport

Three hours Taiwan

When I land in Taipei, I'm a little nervous because I don't know what's going to happen next for me. Where do I have to go to get my onward flight to Bangkok organized. But it turns out that all the worries are unfounded. It feels like the entire staff that was missing at Frankfurt Airport for orderly passenger handling is here at Taipei Airport with a sign ready to catch me and let me fly on. I'm offered some apologies, bows, a Christmas present and a meal voucher. I invest the latter in a Chinese noodle soup in an airport restaurant. If I know myself, you will hear more about this dish on my tiger tour through Southeast Asia. Because I am an absolute noodle soup fan.

Punishment of Impatience

I have arrived on Malaysia's east coast. In the unlovable town of Kuantan, two waiters position themselves at the table next to me and click their pens incessantly, impatiently expecting that within a minute I'll know what I want to eat. I stare at the menu for a long time, because as a punishment for this audacity I recite Schiller's "Kraniche des Ibykus" (23 stanzas) three times in my head, and then order the green curry, which I had already decided on after ten seconds.

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