At least some daily structure
At least some daily structure

Indonesia - I'll stay

I've had my first perfect day on Samsosir, the idyllic island in Lake Toba. After a night of almost ten hours of sleep, I woke up at a quarter to nine in the morning. I probably slept properly for the first time after this sixth night. It is certainly due to my hike I did yesterday. It's no secret to me that I only sleep well if I've moved a bit during the day.

I go over to the restaurant, have breakfast and work once the laptop battery is empty. This is one of my units of measurement for my job performance. Then I want to walk to the Batak Museum. This is in the nearby neighboring town of Tomok. It is now past one o'clock in the afternoon. I skip lunch to get away quickly. On the threshold of my room I turn back to get my raincoat. I'll need them soon enough. I knew beforehand that it would rain. Because here on Samosir in the middle of the volcanic crater lake, you can always see the rain coming over the rim of the crater from afar.
So I turn around and do tai chi on the balcony overlooking the lake instead. One of the daughters of the family that owns the pension walks around the garden and gives me an astonished look. But I had the right to look at her in surprise because she wears a garbage bag on her head as a rain hood. I resolve to do my Tai Chi exercises every day when it rains. In total, I would like to do an hour of gymnastics and strength training every day.

I am able to make this resolution because I have decided to stay here for a while. The conditions are excellent for me. The food is good and cheap, as is my room in the guesthouse. I have the peace and quiet I need to work because there are no disturbing calls to prayer from the muezzin. The Batak ethnic group lives on the island of Samosir. They are Christians, but the church bells didn't even ring this Sunday. But they are very musical. Music is constantly playing or someone is singing with fervour.

On February 20th, I will be departing from Banda Aceh city airport in the northern tip of Sumatra. I Bandah ace I have reserved a room for three nights from February 17th to 20th. This means that I have to cover the not inconsiderable distance to Banda Aceh within the next twelve days. But there is no rush. I'm currently thinking about staying here on Samosir for a good week and continuing my harmonious productivity. I will not find better conditions than here on this trip.

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